New online board wants to turn breakup tales into fun

Added by on March 23, 2012

No matter where you look, there are breakup stories, but most people don’t expect to win something for them. A new online forum wants to change all of that, turning frowns into cheers by giving away prizes for the world’s breakup stories. The group’s site,, is set to take the lead as the webs hottest destination for the broken-hearted. With something for almost everyone, netizens can use the site’s main forum for venting their frustrations about a recent breakup or for helping others work through their frustrations by offering advice. Also, for those hoping to avoid a place in infamy, there’s even a corner where concerned members can get advice on how to break up with someone to avoid being the villain in someone else’s breakup stories.

When asked why the web needs yet another forum, James Marcoff, one of the site’s moderators, explained the thinking behind the community: “Although social networks are nothing new, millions of users log into places like Facebook every day, so it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. When people have just experienced a breakup, they want to share their breakup stories; they need a real connection, a way to instantly know that they are not alone. That’s where we come in.” Explained Marcoff. “We offer people a chance to dive right into and start making real connections with real people so that they can share their breakup stories as they unfold, without having keep their emotions bottled up.” Whether the community will grow remains to be seen, but with a Twitter following already swelling, it certainly seems like the world has a lot of breakup stories to tell.

If you’re eager to start telling your story, they’re waiting for you at