New online community gives prizes for worst breakup stories

Added by on March 7, 2012

A new online community has started giving away real prizes to members who post their worst breakup stories. The groups latest site,, is a newly minted forum that hopes to turn everyones’ worst real-life experiences into a source of healing and fun.

When asked why people would want to air their emotional baggage online, one of the forum’s moderators, Byron Havenoff, gave what should have been the obvious answer. “Most of us already put all kinds of info online, way more stuff than just a bad breakup from a decade ago. If people are going to bare their hearts and minds online, they might as well have fun with it and maybe win a prize or two.” said Havenoff. Where does the forum see itself in the future?

According to Havenoff, it “hopes to become the best place for people of all ages and backgrounds to share their insight into relationships in general, not only breakups.”

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