New real estate remodeller news site emerges

Added by on March 5, 2012

A Brand New Real Estate, remodeler news site emerges a new real estate builders news aggregator site has emerged and they think you should know about them. provides it’s readers with advice and resources from their membership of industry professionals, who have synergy with their corporate philosophy.

Andrew Hefner CEO says “We partner with companies that are innovative in operations, mindful of the environment, active in the community, and willing to share thoughtful, authoritative, insightful content through our digital distribution networks”.

According to the company, they showcase industry leaders perspectives from the Real Estate and remodelling industry. The company says its resources provide a platform for the details, successes, accolades, and achievements of members that see this as being valuable to consumers, yet are rarely addressed by traditional media outlets.

“Whether you are furthering your education on a specific topic or accumulating more information on professionals in your region, is an insider’s advice guide to the professionals they partner with. In their effort to service consumers at all stages of their online search they they have designated a member’s only listing forum for new homes, new condos, and remodelling projects,” added Hefner. says it has policies of no ads, no data capture, and no reselling of information making,, and an ideal choice to search, evaluate and connect with their membership,.

While all consumers have different decision making processes, says they have founded the company to offer their readers and visitors a resource to become informed and to evaluate their members by virtues which they believe should be part of the equation.

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