New website expands awareness of timeshare scams

Added by on April 7, 2012

Charleston, South Carolina, USA – Resort Free Companies has launched in an effort to expand consumer awareness and exit solutions to more timeshare owners around the world via the Web. According to the Better Business Bureau, Timeshare resale scams rank third on their list of scams and they are cranking down on these criminals. As part of their consumer awareness program reveals insider secrets and how to avoid these scams.

As timeshare resale fraud continues to rise hitting #3 on the BBB list of scams, launched in an effort to warn as many consumers as possible before they lose thousands of dollars to these very tricky and smooth con artists. “As we have seen the need for consumer awareness in educating unsuspecting timeshare owners, and the need for real exit solutions increasing exponentially over the past several months it was vital that we offer a Web-based solution to meet the demands or our clients, stated Ms. Lee Weiss, marketing director at Resort Free.

“Get Out Of is a place that timeshare owners can go to learn and educate themselves on the latest Scams that are going on in the industry right now and also reveals the truth about what the resale companies and developers don’t want you to know,” remarks Ms. Weiss.

Get Out Of Timeshare also offers owners a fast and secure way to exit their unwanted timeshares and the accompanying maintenance fees. “I couldn’t be happier with the transfer of my timeshare and how easily and quickly they did everything.” says Ann Martinez of Sacramento, CA. “They were able to get the title out of my name in only 72 hours!”

“We hope that by adding this Scam Alert video and website it will allow us to educate and assist more timeshare owners who are attempting to get out of their timeshares but have no other viable method and who want to escape paying maintenance fees in perpetuity,” said John Thomas, founder of Resort Free Companies.

“After seeing how many timeshare owners are looking for a way out of their timeshare only to fall victim to the many scams that are becoming more and more common place in this industry today it is the goal and purpose of to offer honest, trustworthy information and reliable, secure exit solutions to our clients.” Mr. Thomas added.

Resort Free was founded in an effort to offer timeshare owners fast, reliable solutions to get out of their unwanted timeshares. Changes in the economy forced many people out of their vacations and when they were no longer able to use their timeshares they found it almost impossible to sell them or even get out of their contracts that had them locked in paying maintenance fees to perpetuity.

To make matters worse these timeshare owners were hit hard by fraudulent resale firms who made them very enticing offers only to find out later they had been part of a scam and had lost thousands of dollars in up-front fees to these smooth and tricky professional sounding con artists.

Resort Free is dedicated to educating consumers as part of their public service in order to stop these scams while at the same time offering exit strategies assisting consumers who want to get out of their timeshare and the accompanying maintenance fees forever. is devoted to making consumers aware of the latest scams and how to avoid them while at the same time offering exit solutions to people who have unwanted timeshares.
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