PierceGray procurement recruiting launches new website

Added by on March 20, 2012

Procurement and supply chain management have become true professions during the past two decades, with corporations competing in procurement recruiting for talent, as few areas have such a significant impact on an organization’s bottom line. PierceGray is a trusted executive search firm serving corporations around the world; PierceGray is pleased to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website.

“The founders of PierceGray worked in the operations consulting practices of North America’s highest caliber consulting firms. When supporting clients, they recognized companies had a common underlying issue – resident talent in the organizations they were serving. In creating PierceGray their founders changed the nature of their relationship with their clients – rather than serve clients via short-term consulting engagements, they decided to create PierceGray to help major companies build great, self-reliant leadership teams.”

According to PierceGray, their consultants in procurement recruiting are all former supply chain leaders that were practitioners before becoming recruiters. Their search assignments have included anything from recruiting Chief Procurement Officer, to staffing a green-field supply chain department for a Fortune 100 company, to finding knowledgeable sourcing leaders having the practical experience and capability to oversee focused spend categories. PierceGray says their consultants precisely define supply chain roles and qualifications, and then differentiate skill sets among top candidates, making candidate selection more efficient and effective.

“Today, great leadership teams need more than talent – they also require the right structure and provide development opportunities. In addition to supply chain recruiting, we partner with clients on organizational design, performance management, training, and leadership development. We have become strategic advisers to our clients, and we enjoy working with executives who share our passion for unlocking the full potential of human capital”

Find out more about PierceGray’s supply chain recruiting services by visiting their redesigned website at http://www.PierceGray.com