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Added by on December 2, 2011

In response to the recent demand for high quality social fans, announces the release of its new website, a service that provides google plus one votes, facebook likes and twitter followers for businesses that are looking to increase their internet social experience and their site rankings in search engines.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Lately, there has been many requests for social fans and followers since they help so much the image of a business. Many of these services can be bought from sites that sell them but most of the time they are very expensive and they don’t deliver as planned”.

The spokesperson continued, “There are many reasons why you should boost your social media experience. First of all facebook has more than 800 million active users, twitter has 380 million and google plus got over 40 million new users last month. Imagine now how powerful your social profile can be for your business. The more targeted fans or followers you got the more revenue you make.

“Secondly you can boost your site’s traffic and search engine optimization (SEO) very fast. If you buy google plus one votes you will improve your site’s ranking into Google search engine, as Google sees this as a valuable proof that your site is unique and provide quality content to the people. When you get facebook likes you will gain more customers and even more traffic to your facebook page and your website. Twitter is one of the most populated micro-blogging service in the world. Thus, the option to buy twitter followers is presented to those who wish to take their Twitter profiles to a whole new level.

“Based on recent research, your clients are far more likely to trust products or services which are already shared and liked by others. This is a well known phenomenon that is common in decisions to buy, therefore marketers spend billions each month to make aware of their products on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus).

“It is easy to buy google +1’s, facebook likes and twitter followers because all you have to do is find the right company offering the services you are looking for. As with any purchases that take place online, most of them are not guaranteed and they fail to deliver in time. Thats why at we give you a 100% money back guarantee and we can assure you the best quality working with us.”


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