Poll says Jessica Alba most perfect mother

Added by on April 19, 2012

Hollywood, California– Jessica Alba has been crowned Hollywood’s most perfect mother by respondents to a recent poll. The 30-year-old star narrowly beat out Jennifer Garner and Reese Witherspoon for the honor. Denise Richards trailed a distant fourth.

Dirt.com’s latest poll in advance of Mother’s Day asked, “Who is the most perfect mother—Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Reese Witherspoon, or Denise Richards?” The four actresses were selected from pictures that showed them to be frequently out with their kids while taking them to school, shopping, and on trips to the park.

Denise Richards was ruled out by 78%, possibly due in part to her recent vacations in Hawaii and Mexico. She was with on-again boyfriend Richie Sambora and her three daughters in Hawaii for spring break and in Mexico with ex-husband Charlie Sheen at Christmas. Young mother Amber Lightstock, 20, wondered what the girls thought when Denise strolled the beach with Richie. “It’s not setting a good example,” Amber said. “She was in Mexico with Charlie for the holidays and now she’s packed the kids off to the islands with Richie. They must be asking “Who’s the daddy?” at this point.”

Fifty-six percent of men interviewed chose either Reese Witherspoon or Denise Richard as being most perfect. This may have been due to a “blonde factor” that pollers explained tends to kick in when males of all ages are queried. “You get Brooklyn Decker or Kate Upton chosen as incredible moms, and they don’t even have kids!” said one poll rep. “It’s amazing how men started yapping ‘Legally Blonde’ the minute Reese was mentioned or outright drooled at the mention of Denise Richards. It was gross.”

However, Dirt.com Editor Shari Rock said Jessica Alba clearly came out the winner when all answers were tabulated. “The public likes that she spends almost all day every day out with her two adorable daughters Honor and Haven and even dresses them in too-cute outfits that match hers and her husband Cash Warren’s, who is usually out with Jessica and the girls.”

Soccer mom Darla Ricketts explained: “Jennifer and Reese are usually out alone with their kids. Denise is usually with a lover–that’s just not right. Jessica Alba gets it perfect every time.” Her husband Dan chimed in, “If I would go to the park as often Cash goes with Jessica, my work would suffer. Cash is a lucky dog to be with Jessica and the kids all day.”

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