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Added by on March 11, 2012

Polymer bollards are becoming the popular choice for project managers and planners due to their unique feature set of strength, durability, ease of maintenance and ability to withstand ram raid attacks according to the UK’s leading bollards information s

Bollards HQ, a central hub for project planners, trade and local authority buyers seeking to buy bollards online, has published data revealing the growing enthusiasm for polymer bollards on Government and business projects.

The site has data from one local authority showing just how robust the polymer material is in comparison to contemporary steel bollards.

Testimonial data from a UK local authority (LA) sings the praises of the polymer bollard advantages.

“As you are aware, this bollard has now been subjected to sever abuse, the results of which are as follows:

On trying to ignite the bollard the operating mechanism of the cigarette lighter being used melted before any significant damage could be done to the polymer.

Next up was the Swiss Army Knife. The standard blade made only small cuts as it was only with some effort the the saw blade that a small piece of the top ring moulding could be removed.

The bollard was then installed using a standard concrete base in the county council’s Stronggravels Depot at a vulnerable point in the vicinity of the fuel pumps. (Plenty of HGV traffic). Unfortunately our drivers adept at avoiding the bollard and only minor scuffing occurred.

After a fortnight it was decided that we would try and remove the bollard using alternative means. In the end it was possible to bend the bollard at its base to an angle of around 45 degrees and remove a piece of the polymer from the steel core using a backactor. It was noted that the remainder of the Polymer did not debond from the steel.”

Bollards HQ describes the advantages of the polymer bollard in glowing terms, citing advantages such as:

Polymer bollards are designed to be stronger than the cast iron equivalent

On high speed vehicular impact, the polymer bollard will fold over rather than break off or shatter. Full ram raid specific polymer bollards are also available.

Polymer bollards are designed to be very low maintenance with very low life time cost.

Polymer bollards are very easy to lift with many designs being less than 25kg.

Polymer bollards are competitively priced when compared like for like with cast iron bollards.

Polymer bollards have little residual value and do not attract thieves.

All of these benefits are why polymer bollards are now the preferred solution to cast iron bollards and steel bollards.

As the UK gears up for a sea change in local authority and business to business purchasing trends, Bollards HQ is offering to assist project planners by bringing the most up to date information on all bollard, barrier and street furniture usage data.

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