Postal strike speeds up wedding RSVPs

Added by on March 2, 2012

A postal strike didn’t stop Lisa & Ryan Johnson’s wedding invitations and RSVPs before their wedding in 2011 – instead the two Canadian web designers made managing invitations fast, green, and convenient with My Online Wedding RSVP.

“Ryan and I were going to get married in the summer of 2011. While getting ready for our big day, we finalized our guest list but were unable to send our wedding invitations due to a postal strike at the time. Looking into other online wedding RSVP services I found that the websites were full of ads, difficult to use, and poorly designed – the ones I found were ugly!” explains Lisa Johnson, one of the creators of My Online Wedding RSVP.

Johnson explained that her her now husband, Ryan, designed My Online Wedding RSVP to be easy to use, be completely ad free, and have a simple pricing structure, plus their guests said they thought the idea was great when they used it for the first time for their own wedding.

“What makes us different from other RSVP websites is that we work with the bride and groom to tailor the site specifically to their needs, including incorporating their wedding colours and style. We focus on the beauty of the website, keeping it clean and simple without advertisements,” said Johnson.

Johnson added two more important benefits: the cost of My Online Wedding RSVP is less than the cost of return envelopes and stamps, plus helping to preserve the environment as a result of saving paper and emissions from delivering invitations and responses.

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