Prince Visa Service announces website redesign, online visa applications

Added by on March 13, 2012

Prince Visa Service, the leading visa agent for Saudi Arabia and with affiliated with the French, Indian and Canadian High commissions, announces the launch of its redesigned website that’s easier to navigate, offers lots of valuable information, and integrates an online visa application process. Prince Visa specializes in all types of visa services including France Visa services and China Visa services.

“Prince Visa Service operates as a postal service, allowing us to provide door-to-door visa services; now there is no need to queue for hours and fight with visa formalities – we do it all for you. We are able to assist most nationals resident in the UK with their Visa and passport requirements. Types of visas that are available in many countries include Tourist, Study, Business, Religious, and Group visas – it is essential to select the proper type of visa for the fastest processing time – we can help you select the most appropriate visa for your travel purposes,” , said a spokesperson for Prince Visa Service.

Each year over 54 million people travel abroad from the UK with about 29% of them subject to some sort of visa requirement due to their chosen destination and other factors. Some travellers are denied entry to their departure airport in the UK, or are denied checkin because they don’t have a visa or were not aware that a visa is required.

Prince Visa Service offers a free online application process that asses a traveller’s visa requirements based on their nationality, marital status, and destination. Potential travellers make the appropriate selections, then Prince Visa Service’s online process determines visa requirements. In many cases travellers don’t need a visa yet for those that require a visa, the Prince Visa Service website offers information, application forms and a range of other resources including a Prince Visa Service order form.

“Simply post your application along with all necessary supporting documentation – if you have any questions about any part of the process, the Prince Visa Service website offers a broad range of information that is likely to help, yet you can always contact our office for assistance. Once we receive your details we’ll call you to inform you that we’re starting to process your visa application. Consulate processing times vary, however, we send all your documents back to you via Royal mail special delivery,” added the spokesperson.

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