Promechanica announces new production facility, investments in CNC machine park

Added by on January 15, 2013

Promechanica, a Bulgarian precision machining company, is pleased to announce the expansion of it’s CNC machining machine park and plans for a new production facility.

“We continue to achieve remarkable growth. In 2011 we moved to our new production facility of 19 000 square meters, equipped with the newest generation of MAZAK CNC machines. We added two machines and 2011 and 2012 and have plans for further investments during 2013,” said a company spokesperson.

According to Promechanica, industries they work for include medical, automotive, military and semi-conductor with experience in precision machining materials that include steel, light metal alloys like aluminum and titanium, and heavy metals like copper, zinc and brass and have established a solid supply chain for their high quality materials that are EN 10204 certified.

“We have low overhead costs so we can extend CNC machining services into small orders of complicated parts as well as having the capability and capacity to offer services ranging between complex CNC contract manufacturing and just-in-time product delivery.

“We specialize in CNC milling and CNC turning supported by a flexible organizational structure that helps us address individual customer needs and requirements while providing consistently high product quality,” added the spokesperson.

Milling machines precision machine, or precision grind, solid materials. Milling machines rapidly rotate a workpiece, a solid material that is being machined, against a computer controlled milling cutter. Milling machines are often used for die sinking, which are molds for plastics or other forging applications. Milling machines have advanced from being simple turning machines used to make cylindrical objects to being able to create very complicated geometries based on five axis of control (X,Y,Z,C, and B axis) which are able to create organic shapes like a human head.

“We’re very pleased to offer competitive precision machining capability to our current and new clients,” said the spokesperson.

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