Putlast launches new social networking site for job seekers

Added by on March 21, 2013


Putlast launched a new website for job seekers and job posters to network and share open positions

Putlast announces it just launched its new website for job seekers and job posters to network and share open positions.

“Putlast offers an easy way for people to quickly look for jobs or post jobs for job seekers to apply for. A job site focused on efficiency, Putlast is the first of its kind,” said a spokesperson.

The job posts on Putlast can be for either permanent positions or temporary positions. The main goal of Putlast is to make it easy and fast to go online and write short and basic text on an open position that needs to be filled. Instead of searching for jobs on billboards in the mall or in the newspapers, now job seekers can go online and quickly find jobs that they are interested in or may be qualified for making it possible to connect to a job faster and easier than ever.

According to Putlast, it is a social network site dedicated to make it simple and easy for users to connect. With hassle-free posting, listings appear instantly. 
Putlast says it even offers the opportunity for people looking for random help or a collaboration partner to post their needs as well.

Putlast is a social network that was created out of a desire to have an easy and simple platform for posting classified ads. It is free to join Putlast, and users can make connections to help their job search and message people in regards to open positions with ease.

Visit Putlast online at www.putlast.com.

To contact the company, inquiries can be directed to Putlast via their online contact form