Radio Lily Launches live radio broadcast on Live365

Added by on March 30, 2012

Foster City, CA – Live365, the world’s most diverse internet and mobile radio network, recently started broadcasting Radio Lily, the official radio station of the popular Jamaican-themed New York restaurant, Miss Lily’s. The live radio show is broadcast seven days a week from Miss Lily’s Variety, the store located opposite the restaurant, which features books, CD’s, t-shirts, jewelry and classic vinyl from the Caribbean.

Radio Lily features an all-star cast of on-air DJ’s and hosts spinning their favorite musical styles, including the latest Reggae, Dancehall, Latin Jazz, and Caribbean-themed music. Each DJ brings a different element to their live broadcasts, including discussion on topics ranging from artist interviews, music, arts, film, and social issues. In addition to their unwavering passion for music, DJ’s of Radio Lily regularly perform with some of the top producers in the music industry. With their motto, “playing the people’s music night and day,” Radio Lily aims to win over new audiences with their eclectic sounds. “We are excited to broadcast Radio Lily to a new audience with Live365,” said Max Glazer, Resident DJ for Radio Lily “We have put a lot of time and energy into making Radio Lily a unique radio experience for all to hear.”

Radio Lily is just one of thousands of curated stations on Live365, home to a deeper and more diverse roster of artists and music than any other streaming radio network. Live365 has been empowering innovative independent broadcasters since 1999 and is also available via a wide variety of mobile phones and devices, including Android, iOS, and Roku.

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