Raleigh Home Remodelling completes latest home renovation

Added by on February 21, 2012

Raleigh Home Remodelling completes latest home renovation

Home Repair in Raleigh USA is proud to announce the completion of their latest home renovation project.

Dan Beaty, a company spokesperson said, “Like all of our previous projects, our latest project was delivered on-time and on budget; the customer says they’re very happy with the evaluation, estimate, and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Home Repair in Raleigh delivers on four key areas: provide an honest and expert evaluation of your home repair or home improvement needs, offer a realistic and reliable cost estimate, do the job once and do it right, and ensure 100% satisfaction. It’s difficult finding a Raleigh home remodelling contractor that delivers in any one of these areas, let alone all four.”

Home Repair in Raleigh, USA, provides repair services like drywall repair, water damage to window panes, and many other repairs in addition to larger projects that include decks, remodelling, and fencing.

“Our honest evaluations and affordable prices, combined with our 100% satisfaction guarantee provide a lot of peace of mind. We focus on doing the job once and doing it right the first time,” explained the spokesperson.

Find out more about Home Repair in Raleigh by visiting the company’s website at http://HomeRepairInRaleigh.com