Renowned hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones reveals safe and natural way to lose weight through hypnosis

Added by on April 21, 2012

The world’s leading clinical hypnotherapist, Steve G. Jones, M.Ed is pleased to announce the launch of his revolutionary audio weight loss hypnosis product, Weight Loss Hypnosis Pro” and in the process is helping thousands lose weight safely and naturally.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Pro works by communicating to the listener’s subconscious mind a reprogramming their habits and behavior, leading the listener to make the correct decisions during their weight loss journey and thus helping them achieve maximum weight loss.

By listening to the this audio weight-loss program for just 45 minutes per day, those seeking help with weight loss will be able to permanently drop pounds and stop cravings. The first mistake people usually make when thinking about weight loss is that it begins with diet and exercise. That is important, but weight loss begins with the mind. Retraining the brain is the first step in any weight loss program. Ways of thinking must change, habits must change and routines must change.

According to Jones, hypnosis is a fast and effective way to retrain the brain. Jones says hypnosis works by guiding the subject into a controlled trance (which they are 100% in control of) and planting good suggestions into the subconscious mind, so that the subject makes new key decisions without having to outright push themselves.

Jones says the Weight Loss Hypnosis Pro audio system is a safe and natural way to achieve weight loss. With this effective program anyone can safely and easily:

  • Lose Weight
  • Stay at the desired weight
  • Feel more energetic
  • Feel better about themselves
  • Be and fee more attractive

The company is offering new clients of Weight Loss Hypnosis Pro system  5 premium at-home hypnosis sessions covering the range of effective weight loss topics:

  • Disc 1 – Self-Belief Redesign
  • Disc2 – Habits Quick Switch
  • Disc 3 – Diet Pan Transformer
  • Disc 4 – Exercise Monitor
  • Disc 5 – Slim-Forever Maintenance

In addition to the five discs, the system also comes with manuals covering all the aspects of effective weight loss. Jones commented that those who have struggled with diets, exercise and weight loss should consider the Weight Loss Hypnosis Pro hypnosis program. In as little as 21 days, they can be on the way to the weight loss the desire and maintain their desired weight forever.

About Steve G. Jones

Steve G. Jones, M.Ed. is world leading hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. As a board certified clinical hypnotherapist, he has been practicing hypnotherapy since 1980s.

Jones is the author of 22 books on hypnotherapy including the hot selling “You Can Attract It”. He has also been featured TV, including Fox News, NBC, Savannah Morning News, CBS, Bravo TV’s Millionaire MatchMaker and reality shows.

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