Restaurant client gets up close and personal – with the ceiling

Added by on March 3, 2012

A client of a Chu’s restaurant in Louisville, KY, USA got a very close look at the restaurant he was enjoying his meal in. The client said he arrived alone and ordered dinner, some time after his dinner was served, he saw a lot of dust coming somewhere from above him. Seconds later, he was covered in panels of drywall that fell from the restaurant’s ceiling.

The client was shaken up and received a few scratches, according to a paramedic at the scene.

“It is rare for drywall ceiling panels to fall and even rarer for drywall to fall from a ceiling of a restaurant full of people,” said Louisville’s fire chief.

The owner of the restaurant called local contractor to assess and fix the damage.

“I was amazed at how quickly they were able to come in and fix the ceiling – it was just two construction workers too – handling those large panels of drywall,” remarked the owner.

One of the construction workers explained that they use special lifting equipment, called a drywall lifter.

“Working alone I can put up all of the drywall myself – the lifting gear, it like a hoist, holds the drywall in place leaving both of my hands free to work. A buddy of mine used to have back problems from handling drywall – he was off work a lot. He’s now drywall lifting equipment and has not had any problems since,” explained the construction worker.

The owner of Chu’s restaurant said the contractor inspected all of the ceiling’s drywall panels and replaced nearly all of them within a day, and by himself using the drywall lifting equipment.

Chu’s restaurant is expected to reopen within days, after city inspectors certify the restaurant is safe.

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