Rhode Island residents petition Federal government for help with state pension crisis

Added by on December 8, 2011

Providence, Rhode Island – Tara Seger announced the delivery of 842 signatures to Senators Reed and Whitehouse and US Congressmen Cicilline and Langevin seeking their leadership in the pension crisis facing Rhode Island.

The Petition being delivered to the Rhode Island federal representatives notes:

“The federal government has been an indirect beneficiary of the Rhode Island pension due to the Social Security abrogation provisions. The recently passed pension reforms take money out of both the national and local economy at a time when the federal government is seeking to stimulate the economy.

As citizens of Rhode Island we have seen the Federal Government bailout banks, auto makers, and insurance companies. Hard working, middle class citizens, should be assisted, in some fashion, as well. The current pension reform provisions are subject to court rulings and may, in fact, be overturned. The State of Rhode Island remains in jeopardy regarding its pension liability. The petitioning citizens of Rhode Island remain convinced that our federal representatives have a role to play as we search for a solution that is fair and equitable to all parties.

The Federal Solutions for the Rhode Island State Pension petition was started Monday, November 7, 2011, in response to the faulty pension legislation. People from all walks of life have signed. Those who will be directly affected by the proposed changes are devastated over the potential impact the Pension Reform Bill will have on their futures. Many of the signees have written heartbreaking stories, along with their signatures. These stories reveal the adverse effects this bill will cause in the lives of Rhode Islanders. Those who are not directly affected understand that the quality of life in Rhode Island will deteriorate without the Federal Government’s leadership. The petitioners request the assistance of Mr. Cicilline, Mr. Reed, Mr. Langevin and Mr. Whitehouse. We beseech them to lobby the federal government for assistance in our pension program. We firmly believe that future generations will be much better served by a retirement plan that is financially solvent and attracts desirable, dedicated and efficient candidates. We believe our Federal Government representatives have a duty to their constituents to pursue any means possible to assist our state in this time of need.”

The online portion of the petition can be viewed and signed at the following website:


Tara Seger said she is granting interviews to print and media outlets; contact her via e-mail at teseger@yahoo.com for scheduling.