Robochek service offers reassurance to people living alone

Added by on November 9, 2011

A study found more than 35% of Americans living at home alone are over the age of 65 with another 34% people living alone aged 45 to 64 years old, making Robochek a service for today’s independent lifestyles.

Robochek, a service that checks and follows-up on people living alone, provides reassurance not only to the family of people living alone, but also to those that prefer to live alone with peace of mind.

Robochek works by contacting independent family members living alone in their own homes, or calls you if you prefer to live alone at home. The service attempts to make contact several times, after which it notifies two others that it was unable to make contact.

Michael Williams, a spokesperson for Robochek said, “Robochek is different because it only needs a phone number to get in touch; there aren’t any sorts of buttons and you don’t have to stay at home all of the time because Robochek also works with cell phones. You can be anywhere and Robochek will still be able to get in touch to check up on you or your family member who lives alone”.

Williams continues, “Robochek provides peace of mind for independent people since they have the reassurance that someone will be notified if Robochek cannot contact them. Robochek offers peace of mind to family members because they know Robochek will notify them in case it cannot reach their family member who lives alone”.

More information in available on the company’s web site at