Savvy Tailor unveils luxury custom dress shirt fabric collections and promotion sale

Added by on November 22, 2011

Savvy Tailor

Savvy Tailor,, announced today the addition of four new premium and ultra luxury fabric collections to their portfolio. These additions include the following:


Indulge in the 200 thread count Broadcloth collection. This finely woven cotton fabric is made from fine yarn woven so tightly that it creates a superior density and a refined look and feel. Similar to all the cotton collections, it is known for its premium qualities and wrinkle resistant attributes.

2-Ply Cotton

The 200 thread count 2-ply cotton collection showcases thick, soft, smooth fabrics that make for a premium dress shirt. 2-ply cotton is branded as a high end textile that is finer than other fabrics. The single yarns wrapped together in 2-ply create ultra fine and excellently crafted fabric.

With its overall rich look, feel and overall wrinkle resistant qualities, 2-ply cotton is ideal for dress shirts and luxurious garments.

Sea Island 2-Ply Cotton

Sea Island Cotton is noted for exceptionally lengthy, strong and silky fibers that surpass in quality the cultivars grown in other areas. Through a carefully crafted slow looming process yielding a thread count of 240, the true beauty of the fabric is found within the most luxurious dress shirts. It is thick, smooth and silky to the touch and known for its high wrinkle resistant qualities.

Italian 2-Ply Cotton

A premium Italian cotton known for long staple cotton, soft texture and high wrinkle resistant qualities, Savvy Tailor’s collection boasts pure luxury. These 220 thread count fabrics are generally thick, smooth and somewhat silky. According to Savvy Tailor Italian cotton’s overall qualities make it perfect for being part of one of the finest dress shirts.

Savvy Tailor says the addition of these premium offerings brings the total online selection of fabrics to more than 700 and makes luxury affordable; this is great news for customers who are looking for a wide array of fabrics to choose from, while designing their own custom dress shirt online.

If fabric selection is not a big enough factor in buying a men’s dress shirt, the company says at least half of their customers are looking for an ideal fit. This ideal fit contrasts dramatically the off-the-rack fit when picking up a shirt at a department store. Custom shirts from Savvy Tailor offer a superior fabric and fit at a comparable price.

Savvy Tailor is also offering 30% off orders of tailored shirts to promote their premium products. Customers seeking to take advantage of this offer can use coupon code PREM30, while the special is running. Visit Savvy Tailor online at