Seattle company offers free job network training

Added by on October 15, 2011


Paul Aaron Travis supports those in need with free job network training at The Relationship Capital Co.

The Relationship Capital Co. today announced that it is offering job networking training at no charge to 10,000 unemployed or under-employed people who sign up through year-end at www.RelationshipCapital.Co.

The $97 course, “Job Networking Primer: Find Your Next Job Faster”, consists of a series computer, smartphone, or tablet. It was created because many people are unaware that 70-80% of all job openings filled by organizations are done so without their being posted on a job board. Instead, the jobs go to people whom the hiring manager has worked with or already knows – or are similarly recommended by other employees within the organization.

“The importance of face-to-face networking and developing/expanding our circle of professional/personal relationships to our careers cannot be overstated,” remarked Paul Aaron Travis, who founded the Relationship Capital Co. “It’s a shame that networking is not taught in college or high school classrooms – so most people regularly feel awkward, never learning the skill this company was founded around!”

This is a crucial time for the American people, 9.1% of whom are officially unemployed – not counting those who are under-employed, self-employed, or have given up looking for a job out of frustration. Travis said he knows this gift can help these people who often feel rudderless without a job, scared without their income, exhausted applying for countless jobs online, and uncomfortable filing for unemployment altogether – if not panicked that their benefits finally ran out.

About The Relationship Capital Co.

Founded in 2009, the Relationship Capital Co. is a training and services firm founded to strengthen the fabric of good will in the world by unveiling the potential for people to help one another, and increasing their ability to do so. Its current offerings include “Networking 20/20,” a community hub for shy and introverted individuals who are anxious or uncomfortable in networking situations, and “Business Friendship,”