Second teaser episode of Yogaphiles sitcom released

Added by on February 1, 2013

Celeste Thorson’s second screen sitcom “Yogaphiles” launched a new teaser episode called “Stuff Yogaphiles Say” January 2013. The initial season of the comedy series is a parody of stereotypes featuring personalities which take life, love and yoga a little too seriously. Writer, producer and director, Celeste Thorson made Yogaphiles to explore diversity, pop culture, wellness, health and fitness, LGBT, ethnicity, sex and love. “Stuff Yogaphiles Say is anticipated to surpass the 350,000 + views from the pilot episode.

Yogaphiles follows a class of novice students at a quirky studio in Los Angeles.

Episode one introduces the series regulars and can be seen here:

Stuff Yogaphiles Say is a comedy teaser highlighting all 7 episodes and guest stars and can be viewed here

“Our multi-ethnic actors had a fun time poking fun at a few of media’s mainstream stereotypes.” said director Celeste Thorson. “We utilized yoga as a backdrop for these eccentric personalities, but also developed a commentary on stereotypical cultural identities depicted in media.”.

Mo played by actor Mario Locke (Dirt, The Adventures of Roman and Jorge), is an athletic ladies man that goes to class to pick up chicks and hits on everyone apart from his pal’s girlfriend Tara played by Katherine Adams (The Kitchen, Shark Pool). Tara is an adorable college student that drags her boyfriend Nick to class, performed by Zach Book (Criminal Minds, The Wire, America’s Most Wanted), to spice up their love lives, Nick does not mind since he has a huge foot fetish. John R. Colley (Criminal Minds) performs as Felix, a gay, music loving, vegan activist who has a catty relationship with Priyanka played by Hayden Shinger (Outsourced, Kill Joy), a South East Asian vet that struggles with her occupation and overbearing family members. At first, the class is taught by Zoe (Ripley Rader), yet when she goes on tour, the spontaneous yogini Shaye (Dashama Gordon) steps in to take over class.

The series winds up in a heart-warming season finale with a guest appearance by Celeste Thorson (How I Met Your Mother, Jimmy Kimmel Live) as hypnotist and Dr. Sophia Grant. The 7 episodes of season one also feature guest stars: Andrea Carlise Rodriguez (Minute to Win It, Super Dave’s Spike Tacular), Stephanie Maura Sanchez (Revenge, Curb Your Enthusiasm), Celeste Thorson (How I Met Your Mother, Jimmy Kimmel Live), Jamie Tisdale (House M.D., Heroes), Elizabeth Pan (Numb3rs, All My Children), Stefanie Barboza (Vile, Home Business), Caroline O’Neil (Single Ladies, Harry’s Law), Maliaka Butoyi (The Doctors), Evie Ryland (The Dog Whisperer, GCB), Shali Mals (Potluck, Anatomy Is Destiny), Erik Troyer Skoog (28 Hours Later: The Zombie Movie), Jeanette Schwaba (Murphy Brown, Crime Story), Vernon Courteaux (Got Home Alive, The Last Favor), Ashley Undercuffler (Immigration Tango, The Empty) and Shenelle Micole Eaton.

About Yogaphiles

Yogaphiles is an independent comedy new media web series created by Celeste Thorson about a quirky class of L.A. students that take life, love and yoga a little too seriously. Yogaphiles explores pop culture, health, fitness, gay and lesbian lifestyles, ethnicity, sex and love. The first season is available online at:

About Celeste Thorson

Celeste Thorson is a filmmaker with comedic appearances on How I Met Your Mother, Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Exes. As a young female screenwriter Thorson has penned 24 episodes of television, several short films and 7 webisodes of Yogaphiles thus far. As the adventurous host of a travel series that airs in over 65 countries worldwide, she raced sports cars, flew fighter jets and skydived in exotic locations. She’s appeared on billboards and magazines as a cover girl and international award-winning model. Celeste is a fusion of several races, Korean, Scotch-Irish, Spanish, Lebanese and Apache Native American. Thorson is a passionate activist for causes like human rights and environmental conservation. She often connects with fans and shares updates about her career and causes on social networks.