SecondShells releases new line of iPad 3 case protectors

Added by on March 28, 2012

Boca Raton, F, LUSA – SecondShells, a company that sells protective casings for new technology and electronics, has announced its latest release of iPad 3 covers and protective cases. Protective cases for the iPad 3 are in high demand and the protective cases offered by SecondShells are made specifically for the device.

The iPad 3 is already one of the most sought-after products on the market. Their light, sleek, and slim design beckons for users to utilize all of its features. With such intensive use, however, comes the problem of ensuring that the outside of the device is protected while in use.

A good iPad case can protect an iPad user’s investment, but will also have the functionality needed to allow iPad user to use the device’s cameras and have easy access to buttons and controls on the outside. “With sales of the iPad 3 running at a brisk pace the need for the right iPad 3 case is a necessity,” says Chris Flowers of IIAP.

Protecting a new iPad 3 is often the first thing on consumers mind. Keeping the demands of the market in mind, SecondShells addressed the need on the market by creating this unique and functional iPad 3 cover. SecondShells provides both the needed protection and functionality with their protective iPad 3 cover, but also offer their iPad 3 case in style designs.

“Currently there is a lack of iPad 3 cases on the market and we at SecondShells are filling their need with our line of more than a dozen variations of cases and covers that are made specifically for the new iPad 3,” says Becca Elter, leader of product development for SecondShells.

SecondShells new iPad3 cases can be found at their Amazon store by using the following link: