Seized e-cigarettes now available in Canada

Added by on April 4, 2012, started after its founder’s e-cigarette order was seized at the Canadian border, is pleased to announce the availability of electronic cigarettes in Canada.

“I saw an electronic cigarette starter kit online from one of the largest suppliers in the US and ordered, since the company’s website said they deliver to Canada. After a number of weeks and many phone calls, I found out that my order had been seized by the Canada Border Services Agency – otherwise known as Canada Customs. It made matters a little worse when I found out I would not get a refund,” said Ryan Anderson, the website’s founder.

According to Anderson, he discovered Canadians cannot import electronic cigarettes’ nicotine cartridge – the main component of all e-cigs. Anderson says he found cigarettes in Canada, yet they were the older type that were messy, inconvenient, needed maintenance, and were potentially dangerous.

Anderson found a brand of e-cigarettes, available within Canada, called Colibri. The Colibri uses the same reliable, patented two piece design offered by other popular e- cigarettes – a disposable atomized cartridge and battery.

“After researching the brand I decided to buy their signature Colibri e-cigarette starter kit and am really happy I did. The Colibri e-cig is amazing because it looks, feels, and tastes just like a real cigarette but at a fraction of the cost – and it doesn’t generate any carbon monoxide, nor does it have tar, cancer causing chemicals, and other things found in real cigarettes,” added Anderson.

Find out more about the Canadian made Colibri Micro Electronic Cigarette Starter kit by visiting