announces free self improvement book

Added by on October 28, 2011 specializes in teaching proven methods of self improvement and motivation is pleased to announce the availability of a new and completely free ebook called “The Ultimate Secrets To Self-Improvement” valued at $47., by Alex Quinn, provides timely guidance for self-improvement in the approachable format of eBooks. eBooks are a great way to read when in front of your computer or on the go. You don’t have to carry books around with you – just open the ebook and start reading. You’ll also find apps for your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or BlackBerry that you can use to read eBooks like “The Ultimate Secrets To Self-Improvement” when you are on the go.

“The Ultimate Secrets To Self-Improvement”, available for free download at,┬ástarts with the basics by explaining self-improvement and goal setting. With the foundation in place, “The Ultimate Secrets To Self-Improvement” continues by providing actionable guidance about motivation, self esteem, using creativity you didn’t even know that you have, and becoming a people magnet.

Quinn said, “The advice is timely in today’s tough economy where millions of people are looking for work or thinking of starting their own business. My book, The Ultimate Secrets To Self-Improvement, provides the foundation that helps people succeed at whatever they wish to do, including finding a job, starting a business, or maybe improving their professional and personal relationships. The book is completely free of cost and obligation to anyone that visits”. specializes in teaching proven methods of self improvement and motivation.