Shortage of video game testers: Market research, game companies

Added by on February 25, 2012

An acute shortage of video game testers is cause for concern, say experts in market research and gaming companies.

“This is a great way to make some extra money – you get paid to play video games…it’s a dream job for many,” said a spokesperson.

The video game industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that strives for quality by avoiding bugs in errors in games that could crash a game, ruining the player’s enjoyment and possibly losing a lot of the player’s time and work. Video game testers can work anywhere in the world and can work any time because everything is handled over the internet, yet there is a shortage of players, say industry experts.

“Consoles, handhelds, mobile phones, and now tablets are all great gaming devices and there’s nothing quite like a job where you get paid to play video games on the latest devices. Companies need people with an aptitude of playing video games and enjoy scrutinizing a game for things that work, things that don’t work, and perhaps provide ideas for how things should work differently,” added the spokesperson.

Players don’t have to be a video game competition champion – when players get paid to play video games they are expected to have a passion for the games they play, have a sense of curiosity and adventure, and be able to clearly express their thoughts and opinions, according to

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