Skyslope’s Real Estate transaction management software offers DigiSign E-Sign feature

Added by on December 6, 2011

Skyslope will release DigiSign this winter, a convenient digital signature feature for US real estate transactions

Sacramento, CA, USA – SkySlope, an online transaction management software company for the U.S. real estate industry, will release its convenient digital signature feature they named DigiSign this winter.

DigiSign will allow brokers and agents to get contracts signed digitally from anywhere in the country. It will give users the capability to send contracts to clients from anywhere, with the ease that can only be found in digital technology.

“For both brokers and agents, SkySlope’s integrated digital signatures result in increased productivity, better risk management and more reliable tracking features,” said Tyler Smith, CEO of SkySlope. “This helps with recruiting and retaining the best agents by using a low-risk, high-profile online platform that could save large brokerages as much as $150,000 annually in reduced paper consumption and onsite and offsite document storage.”

The release of DigiSign feature will allow SkySlope to better serve professional associations within the real estate industry and implement a transaction management platform that will have brokers and agents seeing three times the savings on their investments.

Agents and brokers can subscribe to SkySlope’s services online to utilize the one-stop shop for real estate convenience. The system ensures full signature completion by requiring that consumers sign and initial all signature areas before a document can be submitted. Once the first party signs the document, the system automatically routes it to the next required signing party. This process continues until all signatures are gathered.

SkySlope was also mentioned in last month’s Realtor Magazine, a national publication for brokers and real estate professionals, in a piece on how to run a remote office.

“DigiSign, our new e-sign product allows buyers and sellers to securely sign documents using virtually any Internet-connected computer without the need for printing, faxing or special hardware,” Smith said. “Users will benefit not only from the organizational tools of the easy-to-use software, but will also save time and money on day-to-day tasks such as driving to get signatures or faxing and printing physical copies.”

DigiSign, SkySlope’s new digital signature feature is an E-SIGN and UETA (Uniform Electronic Transaction Act) compliant signature solution that will be FHA-approved. DigiSign allows users to have virtually any document electronically signed, whether it was originally in electronic or paper form.

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