Smart Quotes study reveals insurance policy savings

Added by on February 5, 2012

Insurance policies are necessary, yet we hope never to use them, and insurance costs are up far more than they have ever been. Insurance premiums are up not only due to claims, but also because consumers add-on a lot of options they may not ever use, according to a study by Smart Quotes.

“Shopping around for affordable insurance by getting insurance quotes online is the most effective way to start looking for home, auto, life, and health insurance. Smart Quotes makes easy to compare insurance quotes online, and consumers need to be aware of the add-ons they purchase to keep their premium as low as possible,” said a spokesperson for Smart Quotes.

According to Smart Quotes, while many add-ons provide great value, consumers often include options they may never use. Smart Quotes recommends consumers carefully review their insurance policies and know about each of a policy’s add-ons for the coverage that’s best for them.

Smart Quotes offers free insurance quotes online through the top insurers nationwide

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