Snooki weight loss diet secret reveals top 3 weight loss myths

Added by on March 28, 2012

The Snooki weight loss diet, inspired by Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi’s loss of 17 pounds and new slimmer appearance is something worth knowing for every woman that wants to lose weight. Snooki revealed her diet on Twitter, yet the The Snooki weight loss diet has brought together all of the information and published on the new Snooki weight loss diet website.

“Some secrets of the Snooki weight loss diet is a diet supplement that Snooki wrote about on her official Twitter page. Currently, there are so many diet or weight loss pills out there, but the Jersey Shore star chose a pill named Zantrex Fat Burner as her supplement. This diet pill brand helpe because it is a fat burner pill; besides, Snooki revealed that the pills are different because they also supply energy, which is why she did not get hungry fast,” said a spokesperson.

According to the spokesperson, people getting started on diets often fall into a trap set by the top three myths of weight loss. The top three myths about dieting are – ‘you have to starve to lose weight quickly’ – this is false, Snooki did it without starving; ‘Salad is always a healthy meal’ – this is false, it is possible to load up a salad with dressing and other things that result in many more calories; ‘Vegetarian diets always result in weight loss’ – this is false since many vegetarian diets are high in sugar and other carbohydrates.

“The fact that Snooki looks much better is not the only difference; the young celebrity recently told media that she feels much healthier and happier with her current weight. It does not mean that she is satisfied with her current weight of 102 pounds; she wants to reduce even more weight. The Snooki weight loss diet can help women lose the weight they want,” said the spokesperson.

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