Software patent attorney launches new practice patenting software for iPhone and Android electronic devices and cell phones

Added by on February 19, 2012

Software patent attorney launches new practice patenting software for iPhone and Android electronic devices and cell phones

Lakeland, Florida – Software patent attorney, Steve Aycock today announced the launch of a new law practice which helps people patent their software. The law firm specializes in helping independent inventors, entrepreneurs and start-up companies patent their new technologies including software inventions. Mr. Aycock was a software engineer for ten years before attending law school so inventors will get someone with experience in both the software and patent law industries.

The name of the law firm is Cygnet IP Law and analysts say it is expected to do very well given Steve’s background. Patenting software is a growing industry in and of itself because of the huge number of electronic devices which are being introduced to consumers almost every day and the increase in the number of software developers who are scrambling to fill the need to create applications for those devices.

The people who can benefit the most from the Cygnet IP Law firm’s services are inventors in the start-up phase of their business who often have a difficult time finding an attorney to help them at a reasonable price. Steve’s background as a software engineer enables him to easily understand and patent software inventions such as websites, desktop software and mobile applications.

Patenting iPhone and Droid apps is one of the firm’s specialties and one of the fastest growing industries. The Cygnet IP Law firm can help software developers protect their iPhone and Droid apps from software pirates and people who steal software to sell as their own inventions. Also, inventors can lose the rights to their work if they proceed with selling or advertising a product without having a patent application on file.

In addition to Steve’s background as a software engineer and a law degree in patent law, he also brings to the table the experience of having worked at a big law firm and a top twenty law school education. Steve says he is excited about the new firm and the firm’s new website which details the firm’s area of expertise and provides timely and informative articles on patent law for people who are performing research.


Steve Aycock, founder of Cygnet IP Law, is a registered patent attorney and former software engineer. Steve advises U.S. and international clients in intellectual property matters including patents, trademarks and copyrights.


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