StartupAUS announces Australia’s first startup festival

Added by on August 23, 2013

StartupAUS, the not-for-profit group formed to foster technology entrepreneurship in Australia, has announced the country’s first startup festival.

Startup Spring is a three-week long, Australia-wide festival of more than 50 events and activities that will celebrate and promote the tech startup community and encourage more Australians to become tech entrepreneurs.

Events during the festival in Western Australia include Startup Weekend Perth, Port80, Building Lean Startups, and more. The full event listing for Startup Spring is available at

Alan Noble, founding board member of StartupAUS and Engineering Director at Google Australia, said it was time for startups to take centre stage in Australia.

“Australia has film festivals, music festivals and wine festivals which are a tremendous celebration of our culture. Now, it’s time for the country’s first startup festival.

With today’s focus on how Australia can maintain its wealth beyond the resource sector, there’s never been a better time for Australia to become the creators, rather than just the consumers, of technology.

We want to see Australian kids growing up not just aspiring to be lawyers, doctors, or bankers, but also to see entrepreneurship as a valid and rewarding path.”

“The startup sector has has the potential to contribute $109bn and half a million jobs to the Australian economy by 2033,” said Stephen Baxter, StartupAUS board member and Managing Director of River City Labs.

The StartupAUS board is currently comprised of Alan Noble, Bill Bartee of Southern Cross Ventures, Peter Bradd of Fishburners, and Stephen Baxter of River City Labs. Read more about StartupAUS here.

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