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Sweet and pleasant to the taste buds, sugar is found in practically every food that people consume. The problem with sugar, however, is that it has been processed and therefore stripped of all of the essential nutrients – and filled instead with calories. Depressing the immune system, the uncontrolled consumption of refined or processed sugar is a major contributor to diabetes and obesity, as well as aggravated allergies, asthma and arthritis.

As manufacturers heeded the call for healthier sugar alternatives, consumers were treated to a vast number of artificial and natural sweetener products. Many of them, however, have been criticised because of their strong and bitter after-taste. In order for the sweeteners to maintain their sweet taste, they often come in very high concentrations, making them less healthy than they should be.

Stevia is the world’s favourite natural sweetener and can be instantly included in drinks, food, baking, cooking and more. In its pure form, Stevia is a native plant found North and South America that is widely grown for its naturally sweet leaves. The extract from the leaves of the plant can be up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar, so the concentration does not have to be as high. sells a great range of Stevia products from SweetLeaf and NuNaturals, two of the best Stevia products. The online shop offers same-day express shipping across Australia, and is aimed at being the number 1 distributor and seller of the product in the country. emphasizes that compared with regular sugar products, Stevia sweeteners have zero calories, zero net carbohydrates, and 1 gram dietary fiber. The range of Stevia sweetener products featured offered at includes Stevia liquid, Stevia powder, Stevia tablets and Stevia packets.

Stevia Liquid can easily dress up the taste of water, coffee, tea, yogurt, cocktails, whip cream, smoothies, ice cubes, and nearly anything else. Stevia packets, on the other hand, come in precise measurements to ensure consumers get the taste just right. People who need to sweeten up their food when cooking or baking can stir Stevia powder into their recipe. Stevia tablets are useful for hot liquids, as they dissolve instantaneously.

As more and more families are made aware of the benefits of low sugar diets, natural sweetener Stevia that has virtually no effect on blood glucose levels are increasingly being sought after. Aside from offering a number of nutritional benefits, the product is also commended for great taste.

Households as well as food and beverage businesses that need to impress the sweet-toothed without the calories and harmful chemicals should visit for more information.


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