Study reveals how to get the best price for airport parking

Added by on May 8, 2012 announces its recommended methods for how to get the best price for airport parking agree with the results of a new a new study by Which? – a UK media organization – that compared the cost of parking in on and off airport car parks at 15 UK airports.

“In summary to get the best deal – book in advance, compare prices, consider off airport parking, and consider Meet and Greet parking if you plan to park in the on airport car park. It might sound like a lot of work, but you can do all of these things, including comparing prices, at the UK airport parking price comparison website for the widest choice and lowest prices,” said a spokesperson.

According to, it is recommended to always book airport parking in advance; never drive up to the airport and pay the ‘gate price’. The company says the Which? study found that at Birmingham Airport it cost three times as much to drive up, park and pay as compared to to pre-booking.

The company also said the Which? study found using an airport parking price comparison website that shows prices for off and on airport parking at a number of suppliers to search for the best deal – is one such UK airport parking price comparison website.

“With airport parking there is usually a trade off between price and convenience. The cheaper the price, the further the car park is from the terminal. The nearer it is to the terminal, the higher the price.
The Which? study suggests comparing the cost of on airport parking with the cost of off airport parking. Off airport parking usually costs less, but the transfer time can be longer. Meet and Greet parking is very convenient that includes only a short walk to the terminal,” added the spokesperson.

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