Success Coach Stacia Pierce announces Women’s Success Conference 2012

Added by on February 2, 2012

Success coach Stacia Pierce is pleased to announce the Women’s Success Conference 2012 will be held in Orlando, FL, USA at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel between July 12-19, 2012 to jump-start your success.

Unlike other conferences where speakers push their products or services, the Women’s Success Conference 2012 features Stacia and her team of experts in the field to help you become an entrepreneur, innovator, and front runner.

“There’s nothing like showing up and being here in person – the networking is unsurpassed,” says success coach Stacia Pierce.

“Last year’s Women’s Success Conference started more than 200 new businesses as a result of the conference – empowering women to accomplish their goals and set new ones,” added Pierce.

The Women’s Success Conference is a fun event with lots of entrepreneur eye candy and is like no other conference experience, says Pierce. Workshops sessions are built on a carefully crafted curriculum built on the secrets of making it and live a bigger life.

More information is available at or in the USA, call 1-888-484-7543.