Super bowl 2012 predictions as entertaining as the game

Added by on January 31, 2012

When Super Bowl 2012 kicks off at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana,USA at 6:30pm local time (11:30pm GMT) on February 5, millions of Americans will be making predictions on the outcome of the football game between New England Patriots and New York Giants.

While some people review in-depth statistics, others might simply flip a coin, yet some use creative techniques for predicting the outcome of Super Bowl 2012. A camel in New Jersy’s Popcorn Park Zoo predicts that the New York Giants will win, while a parrot named Cosmo in Canada and a psychic parakeet in Singapore have yet to announce their predictions.

More conventional approaches to predicting the outcome of this 42nd annual championship are leaning towards the winner of the 2012 super bowl being the New England Patriots. brings you all the latest Super Bowl 2012 predictions and more – contact by visiting http://