Super Bowl 2012 – The most technologically secure ever

Added by on February 2, 2012


Super Bowl 2012

Super Bowl 2012 is going to be played soon and thousands of fans, looking for safe fun, are destined for Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. Security is probably the last thing on most peoples’ minds yet years of preparations are culminating in Super Bowl 2012 being called the most technologically secure Superbowl ever.

Along with hundreds of police and security staff in the downtown area, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has deployed and will use some very advanced and mobile security measures on Super bowl 2012 game day. Among them, a system that allows security staff to inspect vehicles like trucks very quickly. The system, called the Mobile Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System is capable of seeing through up to six inches of steel, making inspections of vehicles making deliveries to Super Bowl 2012 fast and effective.

Super Bowl 2012 will also be monitored by more than 75 night vision cameras – all of them mobile and connected to command centers near and around the downtown area. Agencies like the DHS and FBI wil monitor the cameras, that are capable of delivering high definition pictures in very low light conditions. The 2012 Super Bowl security team says the cameras will be used to investigate any security-related incidents.

The streets around Super bowl 2012 are safe too: special manhole covers have been installed in the downtown area. The manhole covers can’t be opened, yet should there be an underground explosion, the covers lift up by 2-3 inches to allow the explosion to safely escape, and the cover moves down to close once the danger has passed.

Super Bowl 2012 is gearing up for thousands of fans at the stadium, yet makes it easy for fans to stay right up to date on the latest Super Bowl 2012 events from home or anywhere at