Tangelo Mobile Websites releases demo sites, simulator

Added by on December 28, 2012

Gloria Hawkesworth, owner, Tangelo Mobile Websites

Gloria Hawkesworth, owner, Tangelo Mobile Websites

Tangelo Mobile Websites, a custom mobile website developer, announces the release of several demo sites and a mobile phone simulator – both options allow visitors to view websites as seen by mobile users right from within their web browser.

“The new demo sites help our clients experience sites as a mobile user would experience them without having to use their own phone or tablet. The demo mobile sites operate as they would on a mobile device right from within a regular browser,” Gloria Hawkesworth, owner of Tangelo Mobile Websites.

The demos, added Hawkesworth, offer visibility for various types of businesses including a coffee shop, daycare, attorney, nightclub, mechanic, and many other types. The demos don’t require the use of a mobile device or simulator.

According to Tangelo Mobile Websites, their new simulator allows clients and site visitors to view websites as they appear on a mobile device like an iPhone. The simulator is easy to use, says the company – users simply visit the simulator, enter a website address and then can see – and interact with – the website of their choosing on the mobile device screen.

“Simulators are usually used by mobile developers to test a mobile website or app on different types of smart phones and tablets. Simulators usually require a lot of software to be installed, but our simulator works right in the browser, so there’s nothing to install.

“Users get the benefit of being to see their own website, or any other website, just as it appears on a mobile device without having to install anything,” added Hawkesworth.

Find out more about Tangelo Mobile Websites by visiting TangeloMobileWebsites.com

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Tangelo Mobile Websites specializes in offering professional and simple to use mobile websites. Tangelo Mobile Websites says it is knowledgeable about the needs of the smart phone users and websites include a number of different features that are optimized to the underlying business.


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