Teachers Learning Center offers teacher recertification courses online

Added by on March 26, 2012

The Teachers Learning Center is pleased to announce the launch of its website at OnlineClassesForTeachers.com. The Teachers Learning Center offers independent study graduate course programs for K-12 teachers and educators that want or are seeking teacher recertification courses online or graduate courses for professional development and pay scale increases from their local school district.

Courses at the Teachers Learning Center can be started at any time of the year and must be completed within one year. Unlike regular online programs, where students get all materials, have to read them online, and receive and complete assignments online, Teachers Learning Center uses books and assignments mailed by first class mail, creating a more comfortable and trouble-free learning experience. Educators also have just one point of contact throughout their studies – their instructor.

“Teachers are used to interacting with an entire university staff for their graduate credit requirements, and typically get lost in the abyss. I can’t tell you how many teachers have told me how great it was to have one point of contact – me.” said Joseph C’de Baca, MaED, an instructor at Teachers Learning Center.

Educators have one year to complete their course, and the course instructor is available for consultation by email, phone, or regular postal mail. Once an educator registers for a course, the Teachers Learning Center sends course materials that include books and, in some cases CDs or DVDs, using the USPS. Educators complete assignments and mail them using USPS to Teachers Learning Center. Educators have said they prefer this approach over a completely online course because there are no technical issues, internet connectivity is not needed at all times, and the one-to-one interaction with instructors when necessary makes the process easier.

Find out more about teacher recertification courses online by visiting Teachers Learning Center.