Teens Haven’t Given Up On Email Yet

Added by on September 14, 2011

AWeber, a leading provider of permission-based email marketing software, offered a scholarship to the high school or undergraduate college student who best described what they think will happen to email now that so many other messaging technologies exist.

The responses were close; 44% of students stated email will stick around and 41% are more convinced email will die soon. The rest were not certain what will happen to email.

Most of the students agreed that email is good for business and formal communication. Others made the point that an email address is required for many sites, and that social media and email pair well together to cover informal and formal communication needs.

A number of students appeared to erroneously believe that email can not be mobile. This misconception may stem from the majority of smartphone users not being in high school.

Many students only took their current use of email into account when responding, and didn’t discuss the possibility of future use. However, some did mention that email is currently important for business and professional communications.

Evolution was actually a topic both sides discussed. Some stated that as communication evolves, email will fade, using the example of postal mail. Others had the opinion that email will evolve with the communication evolution.
An infographic that breaks down the results is available on the AWeber blog.