The Little School of Waldwick obtains awards and acknowledgement of excellent service

Added by on February 25, 2013

The Little School of Waldwick obtained the Best of Bergen for 2012 award and the Reader’s Choice Award from the Ridgewood Patch.

The awards serve as additional highlights of the school, aside from the best quality of preschool education they provide. Obtaining an award as one of the top preschools in Bergen Country, New Jersey, simply shows how reputable the school is, as well as how much parents value the Little School of Waldwick.

The Little School of Waldwick offers the best quality in preschool education because of its dedicated staff, teachers and director. In addition, it provides a safe environment, challenging curriculum, clean and large facilities and thematic classrooms for the children.

“This school is well-established and its success over the years serve as an example that others can only try to mimic. That is why without doubt it is one of the best preschools in Bergen Country, New Jersey. Both of the said awards were given this year.

“This award-winning preschool in Bergen county NJ, is very proud and also thankful for the dedicated and continuous full support of its students and parents. Parents, take your preschool kids and go for a tour, to see how beautiful and well designed the facilities are. Prepare to be amazed!” said a school spokesperson.

The Little School of Waldwick is located in Waldwick, Bergen Country, New Jersey. It is licensed by the Division of Youth in New Jersey. All teachers are qualified educators with great personal achievements in this field. The schools’ staff also specializes in early childhood education and provides an after school enrichment program. According to the school, the preschool director has excellent background in education and school management.

Peter Alex Danhar, a father of a student in The Little School of Waldwick, was very happy with his child’s progress, that’s why he provided these heart-warming words for the school; “The little school has changed our lives in so many ways, I could not believe all the different things they do for my son. From spelling and reading – reading and he just turned five – to all the little shows the kids put on for us. He always tells me about his teachers and the fun things they do together. Makes me wish I went to a school like this when I was five, but even better my son gets to. Thank you little school!”

The Little School of Waldwick welcomes every child who wants to experience high standards of education while having a fun and challenging day.

Find out more by visiting the school’s website at, or in the US call (201)689-0034 for more details.
Tours of the school are also available.

The school is located at 40 Franklin Turnpike, Waldwick, NJ 07463.