Tour De France Victory Gives Australian Cycling Major Boost

Added by on August 15, 2011

The King of Australian Cycling, Cadel Evans, has won the 2011 Tour De France, and is set to defend his title again in 2012. Knowing their countryman has claimed the crown at the European event, is spurring Australians on to try out cycling and to improve their performance.

Cycling is already an immensely popular sport in Australia, with amateurs, semi-professionals and professional athletes descending on to the streets and parks in the early mornings to sweat it out. Cycling Australia, the governing body for road racing in Australia, reported nearly 20,000, members in affiliated clubs.

Fabio Petro, owner of “Your Cycling Trainer” specialises in personal training programs for cyclists and triathletes. He believes in ongoing support and individualized and disciplined training to improve performance. “The Australian cycling and triathlon scene is vibrant – but you don’t have the same training and support that is so common in Europe. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Amateur, semi-professional or pro – you can always commit to improving your personal best.”

Whether road racing, track racing or mountain biking, Australia has successful athletes to show in many of these disciplines. However, the number of cycling enthusiasts and triathletes that perform at amateur level are continually increasing as well. That’s why Mr. Petro’s passion for cycling and fitness has allowed him to become Sydney’s premier cycling coach.

Having moved from Italy to live in Sydney, Fabio has cycled and competed since the age of three. His unrivaled passion for everything cycling and fitness has lead him to develop training methods to achieve peak results for cyclists and sports enthusiasts of all levels. “It is important to work with each person individually, to take their fitness, experience and goals into account,” Mr. Petro says.

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