Traffic key to success of online promotion: study

Added by on March 13, 2012

A study by MyTrafficSolutions found online marketers, regardless of industry or niche, share the same problem: attracting visitors – also referred to as getting targeted traffic. MyTrafficSolutions’ study found that a steady stream of targeted website visitors increases conversions too.

“Quality traffic is key to an online promotion campaign. Getting visitors that don’t speak or read English, for example, won’t help most websites that offer service only in English. In addition, many online products and services see an increase in sales by visitors from certain regions, so it makes sense to drive geo-targeted visitors to your organization’s website,” explained a spokesperson.

MyTrafficSolutions says its service can direct real human visitors from specific regions, referred to as geo-targeted visitors, to a specific website. While geo-targeted visitors tend to improve conversion rates, providing visitors that are already interested in a broad niche reduces bounce rates, increases the time visitors spend on a website, and further increases conversions.

According to MyTrafficSolutions, inbound marketing efforts benefit from geo-targeted visitors too. While inbound marketing campaigns are designed to capture potential clients as they search for solutions, directing targeted visitors to an inbound marketing campaign’s website or landing page provides offers opportunities for split testing (also referred to A/B testing) without affecting potential conversions for the targeted audience.

“MyTrafficSolutions is committed to providing the very best visitors to your website – they’re geo-targeted and are already interested in a niche when they visit your company’s website or landing page. MyTrafficSolutions offers a variety of services that can help improve conversions,” added the spokesperson.

MyTrafficSolutions is currently offering discounts based on accumulated, tracked traffic.

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