Treadmill Reviews website launches

Added by on March 14, 2012

Treadmill Reviews is pleased to announce the launch of its website that offers a variety of treadmill reviews, plus provides information about treadmill design and functionality that could be helpful to consumers researching treadmills.

“A treadmill is a piece of gym equipment that was invented in 1817 and first appeared in a health club back in 1894. A treadmill has a moving platform, usually a large conveyor belt, that’s setup between two flywheels or small, rotating drums. A person walking or running on the treadmill causes the belt to move in the opposite direction, which simulates walking or running outside. Many treadmills go as quickly or slowly as preferred, yet there are some that force the person working out to run or walk at a certain speed. More recent treadmills can be inclined to simulate walking or running uphill, and can offer variances in resistance to make the workout more challenging. A workout on treadmill is considered to be impact training, which strengthens not only muscles, but bones too,” commented a spokesperson for Treadmill Reviews.

Buying a treadmill is a big step for a person interested in keeping fit and is by no means an easy process. There are hundreds of different brands of treadmills on today’s market requiring more than comparing brand names. Treadmill Reviews advises, before purchasing a treadmill, understand it’s planned use – for example walking, jogging, sprinting, or some combination. Treadmill Reviews also suggests buyers set a budget once they have decided on the type of treadmill they are interested in.

“We recently published a Buyer’s Guide that includes Treadmill Reviews 2012. The buyer’s guide, available on our website, helps you select a treadmill based on price and our Treadmill Reviews 2012, also available on our website, assists in narrowing-down the treadmills that interest you, right to the point of where you pick the one you want. Shopping and checkout are handled by, so you know your information is safe,” explained the spokesperson for Treadmill Reviews.

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