U.K. Business Electricity Prices website launches

Added by on February 3, 2013

Business Electricity Prices, specializing in UK commercial electricity rates, is pleased to announce the launch of its new website.

“UK businesses should compare business electricity rates every year not only to find the lowest gas and lowest electricity supplier, but also to avoid getting stuck or renewed into business energy contracts with high prices,” said a spokesperson.

According to Business Electricity Prices, the ‘Big Six’ make up the majority of the UK energy suppliers, with a number of smaller ones as well. While it’s certainly possible for businesses to compare rates on their business electricity prices, there can be some important drawbacks.

“We have access to rates that your business may not have access to when you enquire directly with your supplier. We save your valuable time by calling suppliers on your behalf and we’ll continue to monitor commercial electricity prices and help you avoid renewing your contract at inflated rates.

“Using our service is simple – visit our website at businesselectricityprices.co.uk and fill-in your details to compare commercial electricity rates. We’ll compare your current rates with the best prices available along with the best contract options and the contact you to present our findings to you. We’ll also handle the paperwork of switching commercial electricity suppliers,” added the spokesperson.

According to the website’s spokesperson, the UK business electricity market is competitive since electricity suppliers were privatized during the 1980s and 1990s. As a result the UK government no longer has the ability to directly control energy markets – the UK government’s capabilities are limited to influencing the operation of the energy market.

“The Energy Bill 2012 could have implications for business electricity prices since a number of nuclear power plants could be closed down, so businesses should be vigilant and compare business electricity prices before their current contracts expire,” added the spokesperson.

Find out more about Business Electricity Prices by visiting businesselectricityprices.co.uk