UAE internet users use VPNMaster to bypass censorship

Added by on April 15, 2012

After the Arabic spring many Middle Eastern countries started to block access to sites like Youtube and Facebook. United Emirates (UAE) is one of those countries. In UAE, internet access is heavily monitored and access to many sites are blocked. Besides all these blocking and censorship attempts, internet users found ways to bypass it. Using VPN (Virtual Private Network) technologies is one of them. VPN allows a secure tunnel inside the internet and allows users surf the web as if they are in USA.

By paying a small subscription fee such as 3.95 USD/month users can use VPNMaster’s servers all over the world and bypass the censorship in their home country. VPNMaster’s Chief Technical Officer Eylem Culculoglu says: “Most of our users are from China and UAE. In those countries internet is strictly monitored. Using our VPN solution our customers can enjoy the free internet and freedom of speech without any concerns.”

In UAE there are many multi national companies. Employees of those companies are typical VPN users. Expats can get their internet freedom back utilizing VPN connections.

One of the other advantages of using VPNMaster is it gives access to US only websites such as Users in UAE can enjoy US TV using the VPN connection. As VPNMaster offers unlimited bandwidth, watching HD TV is also possible.

VPN technology offers 128bit encryption thus users are completely secure when they are connected to the VPN servers. Many users use VPN when they are connected to unsecured networks such as wireless hotspots. Also VPN allows anonymous surfing. Users normally leave a lot of finger prints when they visit sites. When connected to VPN everything becomes anonymous. Which is a big plus for privacy.

VPNMaster Inc., is a USA based company and says it plans to enhance its operations in Middle East. The company says it has plans to add new servers and enhance its networking infrastructure to meet the demands of its increasing user base.

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