UK Home buyer services help homeowners sell quickly

Added by on April 14, 2013

The popularity of using a home buyer to sell a house fast has soared over the past two years, silencing the critics and challenging the long-held and outdated belief that the only way to sell property is through an estate agent.

With regular stories of it taking up to two years to sell a home in the UK using an estate agent, and with a reported average of three price drops and 40% difference between the initial asking price and eventual selling price, it is no wonder that vendors are shopping around.

A ‘home buyer’ a company that invests in residential property. The company can buy houses quickly (in as little as seven days), efficiently and with a minimum of hassle, and the trade-off for this is that it will be at slightly less than the full market value.

Home buyer services are often used by people that want to sell their houses quickly, as compared to selling using an estate agent.

Interest in home buyer services has tripled since 2012. According to Google Insights, a tool by Google that indicates the popularity of search terms over time, searches for the term ‘home buyer’ have tripled 68% in 2013 as compared to 22% in 2012.

Quick Move Now, a home buyer service, recently published the results of a study that found the major reasons clients want to sell their homes quickly. The study showed 39% of clients used a home buyer for ‘Found/buying on’, 15% for Divorce/break up, and 15% for relocation.

The study also revealed many people use a home buyer service to enable them to buy their dream home, to move on when a relationship has broken down, and to move to a retirement property.
Quick Move Now has published a video to help homeowners gain a better understanding of how a home buyer can help.

According to Quick Move Now, home buyers are becoming more popular as a result of the continuing difficulty in the UK housing market, changes in perceptions of the estate industry within the UK, and sellers’ awareness of alternatives

Quick Move Now offered a number of tips to help homeowners select a home buyer service. Among the tips are – homeowners should verify that the company purchasing their home is using cash instead of a mortgage since cash sales are considered to be more secure; determine whether the company handles its own legal and financial matters related to the transaction; ensure offers are free of charge and free of obligation.

About Quick Move Now

Quick Move Now is the UK’s leading home buyer, offering a quick, secure and hassle-free house sale. Their experienced team, efficient processes and substantial cash reserves enable them to make immediate purchases, to help sellers sell their home quickly and move on with their lives.