UK luggage dealer becomes official Samsonite dealer

Added by on May 2, 2012

Luggage Hut, a UK dealer of travel accessories, announces they have been approved as an official dealer of Samsonite, one of the biggest brand names.

“This isn’t going to be about just the inclusion of a couple of Samsonite models. Travel enthusiasts can expect to gain access to Samsonite’s full arsenal of suitcases and more. Hard-sided suitcases in a wide variety of colors will be included, as will a full selection of soft-sided suitcases. Luggage Hut will also be carrying a full line of children’s luggage from Samsonite, so the whole family is covered,” said a spokesperson.

According to the company, Samsonite is known for offering consumers a full line of briefcases and business accessories, as well as offering its world-famous business travel collection. Luggage Hut says its website offers visitors a one-stop shopping experience for loyal customers.

“Luggage Hut has been connecting travelers with the best options in luggage at some of the most reasonable prices on the market for years now. They feature free shipping for UK residents, but will ship their products elsewhere as well. The new Samsonite collections that have been added to the mix will be joining collections from such prestigious names as Carlton, Skyflite, Manta, and Antler,” added the spokesperson.

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