UnlockiPhone345.com announces iPhone unlock and jailbreak

Added by on April 7, 2012

UnlockiPhone345.com is pleased to announce the release of its guide and software to jailbreak and unlock iPhone models including 2G, 3G, 3Gs, and iPhone 4, 4s, on any carrier’s network and regardless of where the iPhone was purchased.

“iPhones are so useful, yet they are limited by carriers to be locked into their networks – limiting your choice of networks on which you can use your iPhone. People that travel will appreciate unlocking since it allows you to use your iPhone on any carrier’s network, anywhere in the world, saving you the high cost of roaming fees. Its also easier to see your unlocked iPhone since buyers can use it on whatever network they want to use it on,” explained a spokesperson.

According to the company, the procedure is safe and works with both PCs and Mac computers. Once purchased, clients can unlock any number of iPhones and are assured of updates to ensure future firmware and iOS updates can continue to work unlocked. The company says another benefit of their solution is it jailbreaks iPhones as well as unlocks them – both desirable features.

“We offer a 30 day, money-back guarantee, plus the unlock and jailbreak is completely reversible using iTunes,” added the spokesperson.

Find out more by visiting http://www.UnlockiPhone345.com/