Updates on recent earnings winners KITD, ELTK, MAGS, ZOLT, INHX

Added by on December 5, 2011

Leading research firm PennyStockVideos.com has completed video analysis lessons for KIT Digital (NASDAQ:KITD), Eltek (NASDAQ:ELTK), Magal Security Systems (NASDAQ:MAGS), Zoltek Companies (NASDAQ:ZOLT) and Inhibitex (NASDAQ:INHX), which are available to all free newsletter subscribers. Each video is a minimum of five minutes long and analyses each stock as a buy or sell based on its recent earnings, news and chart pattern.

KITD announced strong earnings on the 9th November, with Q3 revenues of $62.3 million and GAAP net income of $4.8 million. We saw an increase from the low 8’s to over 11 in one day, followed by a run over 12. In the two proceeding two weeks afterwards, KITD began a fairly steady downtrend around 9, despite new developments such as a deal with Clarin in Latin America. KIT digital is in the business of online video streaming.

ELTK, an Israeli manufacturer of circuit boards, is a very low cap company (under $10 million market cap) which announced positive earnings on the 30th November. The stock gapped up to over 1.5, before closing Thursday at 1.34. A read through the companies financial statements shows healthy assets and a history of good revenue given the low market cap of the company. ELTK may represent a good long term investment, but is somewhat illiquid, with relatively low volume compared to many NASDAQ stocks and a significant spread between bids and asks.

MAGS reported earnings on the 29th November, causing the stock to jump from just 2.68 the previous day to 4.61. On Thursday, we saw a spike past 5 on a strong surge of volume, which may be attributed to the popular penny stock trader Timothy Sykes sending an alert on the stock. There was, in fact, about as much volume in the last ten minutes as there was in the whole trading day before 3:50pm. Magal Security Systems is a provider of safety, security, site management and intelligence gathering and compilation solutions and products. The current market cap stands at around $80 million, giving it plenty more room to grow.

ZOLT announced its operating results on the 30th November. Zoltek Companies is in the business of developing, manufacturing and marketing carbon fibers and technical fibers in the United States. With a market cap of over $300 million at the time of writing, ZOLT broke past the $9 level and has no more resistance until the $10 level from June and July in 2011. Potential scenarios for the stocks movement in future are explored in the PennyStockVideos.com analysis video.

INHX, meanwhile, has been making new all time highs and could continue to run. The company released third quarter earnings results on the 4th November and released news on its recent developments in creating anti-infective products to treat infections, boosting the stock up to around $9. Further positive developments on the 21st November allowed the stock to break the $10 mark and run all the way up to $15 in the following days.

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