Watchman Kennels announces one of world’s largest and most powerful breedings

Added by on March 1, 2012

The largest and most impressive Bullmastiff male, which weighed in at a whopping 165 pounds, has been bred to one of the most dominating Bullmastiff females. A selective Bullmastiff breeding has been done between Rico & Star. The pregnancy is confirmed and the Bullmastiff puppies should arrive March 10, in which is a repeat match up that produced the strongest Bullmastiff puppies I ever seen.

Rico, which is a big boned, very large Bullmastiff male has an AKC (American Kennel Club) champion title. Rico earned his AKC title by obtaining only the most major points a dog can receive. His head is amazingly large and still in proportion to his massive muscular body. He definitely is a dominating alpha male.

“Everyone that comes to our home in Indiana to visit is awestruck by his size and his playful attitude,” said Rico’s owner.

In fact, a Bullmastiff breeder (David @ Blackriver Bullmastiffs) came to Watchman Kennels, and stated, “This is the most impressive Bullmastiff male I ever seen”. Rico’s owner says he been breeding Bullmastiffs for less than 10 years; David added, “Rico is better than any Bullmastiff male I’ve produced”.

Star is also a very correct Bullmastiff female with an excellent temperament. She is very loving and friendly. Health testing has been cleared on hips, heart, elbows, and thyroid. This is a repeat breeding to show once again some gorgeous, conformationally correct, and healthy puppies.

“We were very pleased with the results of the original breeding and are looking forward to this litter,” said the owners.

Common colors are red, fawn and brindle, however Rico is a red male and Star is a fawn female, so red & fawn puppies are expected, but no brindles.

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