Web Design Malaysia announces all-inclusive packages

Added by on December 16, 2011

Web Design Malaysia is pleased to announce a new web design package that includes everything a business needs without any extra charges for the first year.

Studies have shown that one of the key factors in the success of a business is its ability to delegate work to others, allowing it to focus on its core offerings and servicing its customers.

A spokesperson for Web Design Malaysia said, “In today’s competitive market and economic times, businesses must provide ever more value for their clients. Web Design Malaysia’s new all-inclusive package offers a one-stop solution for businesses, freeing them to focus on their clients while we take care of all the details of designing and hosting your website”.

According to the company, the all-inclusive packages offer a variety of services, including selection of a domain name, professional design, photos and other graphics, free web hosting, and free content updates for the first year for a one-time fee, so that there are no surprises. The company said the package also includes a premium email service with anti-spam protection, high availability, 24×7 monitoring, all without any extra charges.

The company said websites are delivered within 14 working days through two all-inclusive packages – Silver and Gold; pricing starts at $499.

For more information contact the company at its website at TheMalaysian.com